Highly accomplished, results-driven financial management executive

with more than 20 years

of progressive experience in finance and operations managements within global multi-billion dollar organizations. Demonstrated ability to streamline business operations that drive growth and increase efficiency and bottom-line profit. Strong qualifications in developing and implementing financial controls and processes in addition to productivity improvements, and change management. Possesses solid leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills to establish rapport with all levels of staff and management.

ASFA Consulting


Assistance to Refugee/Asylum seekers including self-representation advice, drafting testimonies and legal submission, interview preparation, and referral to other Non-Government Organizations.

Written and Verbal Translation Services from Russian, Uzbek, Tajik into English or Vice Versa


Immigration Expert Witness, Help with preparation Asylum Cases, Specializing in Analysing Foreign and Local Investments & Litigation, Insolvency & Fraud


Assistance to refugee/asylum seekers including self-representation advice, drafting testimonies and legal submission, interview preparation, and referral to other Non-Government Organizations.

ASFA Consulting receiving many calls and applications from around the World & helping  to the clients located in the countries such as UK, Sweden, Norway, Russia, USA, South Korea, Czech Republic, Austria, Armenia, Turkey, South Korea, Belgium related cases of refugees or immigrants who originally from Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kirgizstan, Turkmenistan, Russia, China, Mongolia and more.


 Expert witnesses are often called upon to provide country-specific information in asylum and immigration cases. Such expert evidence can play an important part in the decision-making process



Helping to dispute economic resolution, including foreign and local investments, analyze feasibility study  and help to correct to be in the right way

Providing a customized portfolio of unique fraud risk management consulting, anti-fraud strategy, research and fraud training services to clients around the globe. More specifically, Fraud Solutions provides a comprehensive suite of fraud services to companies in order to help them identify, combat, and reduce the amount of fraud and financial crime being committed against their businesses, products, and services


A small business consultant works with clients on strategy, preparation and problem solving and helps clients develop business skills and knowledge. These topics range from designing a business model or marketing plan to determining which marketing techniques to use and how to use them. You'll often help clients learn how to develop and implement projects. A small business consultant gives advice, teaches skills, and brainstorms with the client to produce practical results and enhance strategic thinking



We deliver insightful, practical solutions and strategies you can act on - not simply research results



provide detailed analysis, including sensitivity analysis on your real estate project



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Statement of Purpose

I am a bridge across borders and cultures; a former Director of Finance and economic development specialist within Uzbekistan’s Treasury Department and Ministry of Finance; a fluent speaker of seven languages and a dual Master’s degree holder in both Economics and Mathematics. I now intend to combine my experiences in economic and institutional leadership – as well as my unconventional background story – with an advanced management degree from a top U.S. program.


I bring to the company a story and a platform of experiences that is truly unique. I am a former government official who played an integral role in the planning, building, and running of CIS economy, as well as the integration of this ‘new’ economy within the wider systems of world finance and economic development.


As Director of Finance for Economic Development within the Department of the Treasury, for instance, I was responsible for the execution of special projects that informed and guided Uzbek Central Bank monetary policy, and that provided key decision-making support to the Office of the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Finance, and other policy-setting bodies. 


Likewise, while serving as Director of Finance for International Debt Management, I coordinated and secured international institutional financing for capital and infrastructure projects undertaken by both government bodies and local private enterprise, working directly with such institutions as the IMF, the Asian Development Bank, Morgan Stanley, and major global players in industries ranging from oil to agriculture to healthcare. In this role, I also helped develop and author core components of the Uzbek Tax Code and tax guidelines governing public and private sector economic development, transactions, and capital investments. In support of this effort, I was selected by the Prime Minister to attend tax policy training in the United States sponsored by the Internal Revenue Service and the U.S. Agency for International Development.


After spending the past several years establishing my family in the U.S. while holding various managerial and supervisory positions in the hospitality industry, now is the time to launch the next phase of my career as an economics, management, and business development professional. My direct vision and goal is to leverage my real-life, hands-on experience leading the growth and finance of enterprise within a developing former-CIS economy, combine this unique expertise with you and help company successfully navigate the business, regulatory, operational, and cultural challenges of developing-world markets.


From my past work in economic development and project finance, I have vast experience helping companies build business partnerships across borders, secure financing and lines of credit, negotiate leasing and other agreements, and work with government partners as well as regulators. After considering my goals and objectives in light of my past experience and education, and after having consulted with my professional-world peers for their input and feedback, I’ve attempt to the Doctoral program, DBA at Westcliff University, Irvine, CA.


While with Westcliff University, I envision pursuing advanced research on the unique issues of partnership strategy faced by developed-economy enterprises seeking to penetrate developing-market spaces, especially where the regulatory and market mechanisms are underdeveloped or significant economic distortions exist. With all of the above in mind, I am very enthusiastic about your open position and am very much looking forward to joining you soon. I hope that with my experience at the real-world intersection of policymaking, ethics, economic complexity, and cross-border business, finance, and taxation, I can play an exciting and energetic role as a new member of any company, and be a valuable resource to my company peers.