Dear Sir or Madam,


In today’s highly competitive and ever changing global marketplace, it takes a blend of strong leadership, financial savvy and solid multinational development skills to stay ahead of the game. I believe my credentials and experiences position me to make a significant impact to your organization’s success.


Prior to moving in 2004 with my family to the Unites States I worked as Director of Finance for Economic Development at the Department of the Treasury for the Government of Uzbekistan. As Director of Finance, I was responsible for analyzing and reviewing the business plans of local companies and determining their credit worthiness, making final recommendations to the Prime Minister’s office and Minister of Finance.


I also held other positions within the Ministry of Finance and Central Bank where I led several key projects including:


     · Coordinating international investments with other government bodies from foreign Banks such as IMF (USA), City Bank (USA), Chase Bank (USA), Morgan Stanley (USA), Asian Development Bank ADB (Manila), Society General (France) and other Financial institutions from economically developed countries in the following industries: hospitality, tourism, oil, agriculture, mint, coins, healthcare, medical industries.


     · Securing Credit lines from $500 thousand to $125 million for local companies, including a $115 M line of credit for Uzbek Airlines “Uzbek Havo Yullari” to lease planes from Boeing and $25M for “Uzbektourism” for developing new hotels for tourists on the Silk Road in Bokhara.


Also, I have several years of senior level instructing experience over the students of various fields to define and identify different types of linguistic barriers in languages such as Russian, Uzbek and Tajik. Successful oversaw, planned, prepared and delivered lessons to the different batches. I can successfully handle at least 6 language classes in a day. Additionally, I am highly experienced in evaluating individual student’s performance and providing feedback to the students. I have prepared several new language curriculum materials for the students.


Since arriving in the United States, I have focused on learning English and attending evening classes, while at the same time holding down several managerial jobs over the past few years to support my family, the details of which are reflected in the attached resume. I am prepared to leverage my recent and past experiences and knowledge for the benefit of your organization. I look forward to securing a position that will enable me to utilize my managerial and financials skills and extensive international business experience to further the growth of your business.


Throughout my career one of my biggest assets has been a strong capacity to resolve problems. I am fluent in English, Russian, Uzbek, Tajik, Azerbaijani, Farsi, and Turkish. My multilingual communication abilities and cross-cultural understanding has enabled me to break through the barriers which often arise in global business affairs and contributed to my professional success. As a diligent and highly dedicated professional with a diversified range of experiences, along with absolute integrity and a solid work ethic, I am confident that I will make an immediate impact to your business.


Kindly review my attached resume and should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me at: 1(862)377-1729 cell or email at">

Thank you for your consideration.


Sincerely yours,